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Restorative Dentistry in Lake Grove, NY

Damaged and missing teeth often have a negative influence on an individual’s quality of life. Normal tasks like eating and speaking can become difficult. Even things that most people enjoy, like eating ice-cream cones, can be a source of jarring pain. If you thought not being able to eat ice cream was bad enough—it gets worse: an unaddressed injured tooth can be a gateway for bacteria to use, so they may rapidly spread throughout your teeth and underlying dental structures. At Lake Grove Dentistry, we provide restorative solutions for patients in need of a renewed smile. Dr. Meena Shah is dedicated to the dental and overall well-being of her patients and creates treatment plans that meet their needs and goals.

Our Lake Grove Dentistry team enjoys helping patients on their journey toward an improved smile. With a keen eye towards aesthetic and functional details, our dentist provides restorations that meet our standards of excellence and will let you leave our office with confidence.

Restorative Solutions Available by Dr. Shah

Before our Lake Grove dentist and her staff can start you on the path to a renewed smile, you must first have digital x-rays and intraoral pictures of your dental anatomy taken. This is so we can obtain a better idea about what restorative treatments you need. Depending on the dental services you require, we may send these images to a dental lab, so they may craft a customized crown or bridge.

In order for you to reach optimal oral health, function, and aesthetic, it may be necessary for you to undergo one or a combination of these restorative services:

To treat teeth that are experiencing decay, we apply a filling to stop the harmful microbes from entering the inner structures of the tooth. We are an amalgam free office, so all the fillings we provide are constructed of composite resin, an aesthetically-minded material that restores a tooth without compromising appearance.

For patients with one missing tooth, implant-supported crowns may be the solution you need. This tooth replacement option can restore a tooth anywhere in the smile, without affecting surrounding dental structures. We also offer traditional crowns so patients can protect a damaged tooth and regain optimal dental function. All our crowns are fabricated from porcelain, meaning the caps seamlessly blend with surrounding teeth.

Patients missing one or more teeth in a row can benefit from a conventional bridge. This prosthetic lets people obtain a complete smile without going over budget. While implant-supported bridges are an option for those who have dental implants and do not want to have their restoration impact neighboring teeth.

We provide mini dental implants treatment options in our office and refer people to a trusted specialist if they wish to receive traditional implants. Mini implants allow those who have lessened jawbone density undergo this comprehensive treatment without the need for preoperatory procedures.

 People who are waiting for their permanent restoration, do not have to go home with an incomplete smile as we offer temporaries. This is a solution for the time spent after your appointment until they send the prosthetic back the dental practice.

Renew Your Smile with Our Lake Grove Dental Team!

If you wish to know more about our restorative services, contact Lake Grove Dentistry today! Dr. Shah and her staff are eager to guide you on the path to achieving a smile that is as beautiful as It is functional.

Smile With Confidence

As dental professionals it is our priority to provide quality dental care you can trust.



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